Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones

~ clarinet ~

The clarinet was the first instrument Brandsma started playing, at age 8.

At present there are 4 in his collection, of which the instruments of choice are:

- Buffet Crampon, RC, serial # F626622

- Luxus (made in Czechoslowakia) Full Boehm keywork, including low Eb

Bert Brandsma clarinet

Orchestal pieces played on clarinet:

- Rhapsody in Blue -      George Gershwin (arr. Ferde Grofé)

- Ouverture Ruslan and Lyudmila -      Mikhail Glinka

- Die Blume von Hawaii -      Paul Abraham

- 6th Symphony -      Ludwig van Beethoven

- Sheherazade -      Nikolaj Rimski-Korsakov


- Bergische Symphoniker

- Noord Nederlands Orkest

- Duisburger Philharmoniker (soloist)

- Metropole Orkest

- Cologne Opera House

- Junge Philharmonie Köln

Clarinet soloist with:

- Big Chris Barber band

- Dr. Bernard Swing Orchestra

- Big Band Moonlight

- Metronome Big Band

- Eemsmond Big Band

- New Orleans Syncopaters

- Joe Wulf and his Gentlemen of Swing


Buffet Crampon RC & Luxus Full Boehm