Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)
Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)

Dixieland Crackerjacks Concert Band

The very first performance by the band in January 1994, was with the Concert band. They won the first prize at the Leiden Jazz Festival that year. Although  the Marching Band of the Dixieland Crackerjacks probably would become better known through the sheer number of performances, making music on stage always remained a strong ambition in the mind of the band members. 

The standard line-up is with 6 musicians, 3 in the rhythm section and 3 horns, including several band members who are capable of singing. At wish this basic line-up can be expanded by added guest soloists and/or vocalists. 

Since there is a strong historical knowledge about the development of classic jazz available inside the band, concerts can be combined with a form of lecture. 

Memorable performances: 

- Ninove (Belgium) Jazz Festival 2007

- Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival, Liberchies 2016

- Church Heemstede, 2017

- Poznan, Poland 2009

- USA tour 2012

- Hoofddorp Jazz Festival 2005. (When several members of the Chris Barber band attended)

- Dresden Jazz Festival 2001 (TV coverage)

- France tour 1999

- France tour 2017, Sainte-Maxime, including visit to Saint-Tropez. 

- Denmark 2013

- Several Jazz Clubs, including The Hague, Oss, Holzminden, Dortmund, Cologne, Appingedam, Kaarst, Tiel, Gummersbach, Rotterdam, Almelo.