Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)
Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)

During the years, thanks to the music, we've met several wellknown people. The picture above shows a performance (Januari 31, 2020) with Peter Faber, actor in the movie: A Bridge Too Far. (1974)

With Hennie Kuiper (banjo) Former Olympic, World & Dutch champion road cycling, winner Tour of Flandres, Paris - Roubaix and others.

Hennie Kuiper was a fantastic cyclist in the 1970's and '80's. A train was named after him, on that day he wanted to join the Dixieland Crackerjacks.

Jan van Zanen, burgemeester Utrecht

28. Januari 2020, the Big Chris Barber Band performed in Utrecht. The Major of that town, Jan van Zanen attended the concert and later wrote a special handwritten letter to Bert Brandsma. Van Zanen and Brandsma had met before several times, while van Zanen was Major of Amstelveen and the Dixieland Crackerjacks played there during Queens- or Kingsday.

Monique Smit, singer and TV host

20. November 2014, the Dixieland Crackerjacks performed in Alkmaar, in a show presented by Monique Smit. This picture was taken backstage!

Mirjam van 't Veld

27. April 2016, the Dixieland Crackerjacks played in Amstelveen, while Mirjam van 't Veld was Major. 

André van Duin & Corrie van Gorp

Helping out with the Jerry Steyger band, Bert Brandsma also backed two famous Dutch TV Personalities: AndrĂ© van Duin & Corrie van Gorp. 24. September 2007, Exloo. This picture was frontpage of de Telegraaf and Dagblad van het Noorden. 

Funky Fusion

In the early '80 Bert played tenor saxophone in a funk band: Funky Fusion, that included later wellknown performers like Jan Meiborg, Ellen ten Damme, Frans van Geest and others.