Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)
Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)

Writers about Brandsma

Several authors have written in their books about Bert Brandsma. Mostly factual information, sometimes as character in fantasy-reality-fiction.

Adrian Rollini

    Adrian Rollini

The life and music of a Jazz Rambler  
Ate van Delden

Page X, index, Note 

Publisher:University Press of Mississippi
Publication Year:30/12/2019


Klaus Neumeister / Lutz Eikelmann (2011) Page 121 , subject of one chapter: 

Bert Brandsma - eine europäische Jazzgrösse von heute

Jazz Me BluesThe Autobiography of Chris Barber
Alyn Shipton / Chris Barber (2014) Page 146 , description as band member


        Lutzemann's Jatzkapelle 
Lutz Eikelmann (2008) Page 52, p. 53, p. 64, p. 65, p. 77 & p. 97 (Reality) 
  • ISBN-10: 3868052399
  • ISBN-13: 978-3868052398

Das grosse Buch der Trompete
Friedel Keim (2005) Page 668 (short mention as leader Dixieland Crackerjacks)
Schott Music
ISBN: 978-3-7957-0530-5 editienr: ED 9863

    Heriberts Zeitreisen 
* Jazzer * Agenten * Zeitreisende * Zukunftsseher * 
Lutz Eikelmann (2017) Page 236 note, reference of a TV broadcast with Hawe Schneider, once the owner of legendary Jazz Club Eierschale in Berlin. 
ISBN 978-3-86460-698-4

    Der Kaiser im Berg: Reisen durch Zeit und Raum

Lutz Eikelmann (2018) Page 11 , main character in chapter 2: In der Mausefalle
Further shorter appearances or mentioned in other chapters, like p. 30, p. 101 and more
  • ISBN-10: 3864608635   ISBN-13: 978-3864608636

    Swinging Hamburg Journal 

Holländer in einer typisch britischen Band. Page 24 - 26. Interviewed by Karin Marciniak. S.H.J. 66 / Year 17. Issued 3. quarter 2018

    Spuren im Sand                                 
Ein Vierteljahrhundert Lutzemanns Jatzkapelle - Lutz Eikelmann (2018) 
Mentioned several times, like p.13, p.17, p.18, p.19, p.21, p.25, p.33, p.35 (photo) p.44, p.59, p.60, p.61, p.62, p.63, p.64, p.95 (photo) p.122 (photo) p.123, p.124, p.125 (photo) p.137, p.138, p.152, p.185, p.186, p.187, p.193. p.201

    Double Time, Ein Praktikum in Hamburgs Jazz Szene 

Georg Alexander Kranich. (2018) Page 54. Mentioned for role at a factual concert in the Laeiszhalle in Hamburg.

Some poetry: (26. june 2018)

Bert Brandsma , Bahnhof Bandsman
blows brilliantly bass and baritone
and happily preserved in the can
or electronically, though not on stone
are some of his Muhammad Ali dances
and if an elephant could dance like Fonteyn
or Nureyev of the many prances
he'd be working in Bert's long horn vein

mining gold with a brass cylinder 
though on clarinet and thus with wood
the notes are to Bert's bright flame tinder
and catch light at once -- who else could
instil in lesser hornmen such admiring despair,
working such wonders with refreshing air! 

Robert R. Calder