Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)
Bert Brandsma - clarinet & saxophones (+ flute & drums)

Video Productions

Since 2007, we have developped a side activity, producing music videos on demand. We created footage and audio for many different artists, like: Chris Barber, Bufu Sanna, Dixieland Crackerjacks. Bernard Berkhout Swing Orchestra, Joe Wulf & his Gentlemen of Swing. 

Multicamera recording and multitrack audio mixing is all possible. 

Literally hundeds of our video's have appeared on YouTube and several made it onto DVD productions. 

We filmed at festivals in Portugal, Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Ireland, USA and Indonesia. They include: Swingin' Groningen, Django a Liberchies, Breda Jazz Festival, Silkeborg Jazz Festival, Festivals in Augustow, Cantanhede, Bevern and many other places. 

So if you are interested in having your event, concert, band or act (semi-) professionally filmed, then just contact us, and see what possibilities there are to help you.